Mini Portable Espresso Machine Purchased with Electronics Promo Code

Ⅰ. Use an electronics promo code to buy a mini portable espresso machine


In this era when electric coffee machines are in trend, a manual portable coffee machine with great functionality and stylish modern beauty was born. Whether traveling or vacationing and other outdoor life, it is simple and interesting and can provide high-quality coffee anytime, anywhere.


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mini portable espresso machine bought by electronics promo code


Ⅱ. How about the mini portable espresso machine purchased with an electronics promo code?


How about getting the mini portable espresso machine purchased by electronics promo code through promo code sites? What is the function of this mini portable espresso machine?


1. The 20 bar pressure saves 50% of the force and produces a thicker creamy taste. A thick layer of cream gives the real espresso taste, enough grease to penetrate the coffee particles to release the aroma of the original coffee.


2. Weight 0.97 pounds, small and compact (8x2.7 inches); made of the highest standard BPA-free materials, patented pumping system can provide 15-20 bar pressure; 2016 Red Dot Award winner.



mini portable espresso machine purchased through promo code sites


3. It can hold up to 80 ml of water and up to 0.53 ounces of coffee powder, compatible with Nespresso coffee pods and coffee powder


4. FDA-approved healthy material; easy to disassemble; clean design.


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