2020 CES Innovation Awards Honoree - IoTeX Ucam Privacy-protecting Camera Newly Arrives on TikTech

2020 CES Innovation Awards Honoree - IoTeX Ucam Privacy-protecting Camera Newly Arrives on TikTech

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TikTech recently launched an Early Bird Pre-sale Event for IoTeX Ucam home surveillance camera with a surprisingly low price.

Ucam is the world’s first blockchain-powered home security camera and has received a lot of praise and awards since its birth. This year, Ucam has been named a 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree at CES, issued by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the world's premier consumer technology organization.

Let's know more about it!


Birth of Ucam

Ucam security camera is jointly created by IoTeX and Tenvis. IoTeX is a blockchain company based in Silicon Valley that is committed to using blockchain and secure hardware to empower the Internet of Trusted Things. While Tenvis, for TikTech members, is no longer unfamiliar. The popular camera brand is one of the most important cooperation partners of ours. So you can see there are so many Tenvis products that are provided with lower prices on TikTech.

As we know, some normal home surveillance cameras on the market may bring us the risk of leaking indoor privacy, as the security cameras need to be connected to the network, hackers may gain the full access to devices and do everything the device owners can do.

So Tenvis planed the big move, enhancing the privacy feature of a security camera, so they and IoTeX explored the cooperation, and developed the new-gen camera - Ucam.


How does blockchain work?

Based on user-centric philosophy, in the design of Ucam, IoTeX utilized blockchain technology to serves for two essential purposes.

  1. Blockchain identity and login cannot be forcibly used by hackers, and separate from user’s “internet identity”;
  2. Issuing decentrally encryption keys can ensure that users are the only owners of their data, identity, and privacy.


Praise From Medias And Influencers

With the innovative technology, IoTeX Ucam has been widely recognized and won praise from a lot of mainstream media and technology-related influencers.

Nasdaq comments that “Ucam allows the user to store larger amounts of data than would be practical to keep as an individual homeowner, while also ensuring that no other party has any access themselves”.

Markets Insider ever comments “What truly differentiates Ucam are several privacy-related breakthroughs, including end-to-end encryption of all content, full consumer data ownership, and blockchain-based data authorizations”.

Politico said that “IoTeX is focused on using blockchain to create privacy-respecting internet-connected devices, such as the new security camera UCam. The company maintains they use higher standards than any of the proposed federal privacy rules on the table in Washington”.

Famous blockchain KOL Scott who has 122.6k followers expressed his support for IoTeX’s Ucam on his Twitter @The Wolf Of All Streets.



The well-known technology gadgets YouTuber @The Hook Up recently tested 10 popular indoor cameras to figure out which one gives the most features while retaining privacy. He ranked Ucam as the top 2 of indoor cameras with the highest privacy and security.


More Advanced Features

1080p HD video & rotatable flexible controls: users can adjust the angle of the device via panning, tilting, and zooming to monitor their home from anywhere with crisp HD video live-streamed directly to the Ucam app on mobile devices.

11 infrared LEDs: Ucam can provide up to 36 feet of nighttime visibility, offering the clearest video and security for the whole night sleeping. If Ucam detects human motion while house owners left, it will automatically send an alert and video clip to the app.

Built-in microphone and speaker: users can conveniently use it to chat with families, pets, or visitors on the go.


The privacy-protecting camera exhibits enhanced security, and provide full consumer data ownership and privacy. Now, TikTech is providing a super early bird price under $45 for one month, plus free 3-month storage!

Never miss it to protect your family and indoor privacy.


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