3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer: Why not join the trend and be a vloger?

3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer: Why not join the trend and be a vloger?

TikTech2020 Admin

Now shooting vlogs is a trend.

For users who often shoot videos and play live, if the mobile phone does not have an anti-shake function, the picture will shake when shooting; while some mobile phones with anti-shake function, It also cannot guarantee the stability of the hand. At this time, a handheld gimbal will help you solve these problems. In the face of the current handheld PTZ market, where the quality of various models varies, and the price varies widely, users who are in need are often at a loss and do not know how to choose.

Today, we recommend the Hohem iSteady Mobile Plus 3-Axis gimbal stabilizer with high-cost performance and excellent quality, which is very suitable for novices. It is a very good choice either for gifts or personal use.

The newly developed 3D "Start" mode showcases the latest Hohem gimbal stabilizer. This stabilizer has a newly developed "Initial" mode that automatically rotates your phone vertically 360 when shooting, giving you a master-level video production experience. It's an all-in-one tool for storytellers like you. The updated sport mode allows you to take incredibly smooth photos even when going up and downstairs, biking outdoors or driving on the terrain of terracotta terrain. High-performance motors make axis overlap and low-angle shooting a breeze. The 3-axis speed change is extremely sensitive to hand movements. With this design, the Hohem Gimble stabilizer transforms difficult-to-see wobble shots into hypnotic smooth, professional shots.

Its "Time-lapse photography" can help you to track faces/objects, and the updated "time-lapse photography" mode to record all movements up to 12H with stable footage to create dynamic effects that reflect all movement in seconds. The amazing thing for me is that the Hohem stable mobile + gimbal stabilizer can continuously use 12H, and can also charge mobile phones. I always like taking photos when I hang out with friends, so I really need the long-lasting battery life. Besides, the width of the phone holder is 58-89mm, so it is suitable for most of the smartphones with screens under 6 inches. The devices it can fit to mainly include iPhone Xs max \ xs \ XR \ x \ 8plus \ 8 \ 7plus \ 7 \ 6s plus \ 6s \ 6plus \ 6 \ se, Samsung Galaxy s10e \ s10 plus \ s10 \ 9 \ s9 plus \ s8 \ s8 plus \ s7 \ s7 edge \ s6 \ s6 edge \ s5 \ note9 \ note8, Huawei P30 pro \ p30 \ p20 pro \ p10 \ p10 plus \ p9 \ mate 10 \ mate 9 \ mate 8. With the "Hohem Gimbal" application, you get unlimited possibilities. Slow-motion recording, beauty retouching, 360° panorama, face/object tracking, time-lapse recording, and panning mode changes are all available in your smartphone application! The small device is perfect to meet all of my needs for a good gimbal stabilizer.

Compared to the expensive handheld gimbal on the market, this one is really reasonable. And its high-cost performance and low difficulty in use give you the reason to purchase it. Interested partners can move to our online shop page to place orders now, and we will also irregularly launch a promotional deal for Hohem stabilizers.

Have a Hohem iSteady now, join the vlog production army and become a network master.

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