NEW RELEASE on TikTech AOSO S3 Robotic Cleaner with Advanced Visual SLAM Technology Empowers Your Smart Life

NEW RELEASE on TikTech AOSO S3 Robotic Cleaner with Advanced Visual SLAM Technology Empowers Your Smart Life

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Notable housework is floor cleaning, which is always considered as an unpleasant and boring thing for most people, especially for some men. Modern life is becoming more and more automated, which brings convenience and reduces the time for boring housework. Vacuum robotic cleaner is one of the most popular smart home products and increasingly needed by people at work. Recently, TikTech has released a new generation of vacuum cleaners with Early Bird presale price for AOSO.


In the vacuum cleaning machine field, AOSO seems a new name. It is not that famous like Dyson, and not as popular as irobot, Roborock, or Eufy of Anker. However, AOSO is committed to the R&D of the newest high-end technology of vacuum cleaning for a long time, which is a low-key and reliable brand. A new generation product - AOSO S3 to release this August will surprise you with its premium technology and exclusive features.


The technology AOSO S3 developed and used on its robotic cleaners is Visual Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (Visual SLAM).


Commercially speaking, Visual SLAM, as an emerging technology, has enormous potential in a wide range of application scenarios that require a precise mapping of the physical environment. Hence, Visual SLAM systems are used in the AI robot field. For example, landers used to explore other planets use the Visual SLAM system to navigate autonomously. Agricultural drones can use them to travel independently. Self-driving cars may use the system to map and understand the road situation.

AOSO uses advanced technology to make its S3 cleaner to automatically position the location, plan, and record the cleaning path while it working. Visual SLAM technology makes it far more efficient than those well-known vacuum cleaners guided by LiDAR on the market. It is worth mentioning that the laser radar sends and receives laser signals to guide the robot's positioning and navigation, so it could be unhealthy for humans in the long run!


There are five main reasons why it will be better than other cleaners:


  • The wide-angle camera is more malleable. The cleaner plans the path better.
  • AOSO S3 with VSLAM technology has lower power consumption and longer service life, leading to an energy-saving life.
  • It can move more flexibly, realizing more than 90% of finding and avoiding obstacles, then finish a quick floor cleaning.
  • The cleaner has a smaller volume than the cleaners supported by normal technology, so it just takes up less space.
  • Automatic carpet recognition pressurization greatly improves the cleaning rate and cleaning efficiency.


Except for the exclusive intelligent positioning system, it is noteworthy that AOSO S3’s suction is ultra-strong, up to 2000pa. Three options of suction can be set, also automatically switch when it detects carpet. And the battery capacity is 3200mAh, which is higher than many cleaners on the market. The running time is extended up to 110 minutes and can clean totally a big space at a time.


However, the device’s price is far lower than those cleaners that have the same features. It even works better than some famous brands’ cleaners. AOSO S3 robotic cleaner with Visual SLAM will be an undoubtedly good helper of your household chore and smart life.


If you are moved, do not miss the Super Early Bird event for AOSO S3 on TikTech. Now saving a maximum budget for a smart vacuum cleaner! And there will be a big chance to win free giveaways if you follow TikTech’s Facebook.


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