Superb Technology Makes eMeet Luna Speakerphone the Best Choice of Remote Meeting Under $100

Superb Technology Makes eMeet Luna Speakerphone the Best Choice of Remote Meeting Under $100

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]With more and more people working from home, the wireless Bluetooth speakerphone market is growing massively. Plus the Coronavirus pandemic, the remote meeting device is increasingly needed by people. Some well-known brands ranging from Sennheiser to Anker have developed their own speakerphone products. However, most portable wireless speakerphones enable six people to take an online meeting while sat around a meeting table. Now, there is a new speakerphone we would like to suggest. It is eMeet Luna that can support multi-people meetings with up to 8 participants, and its advanced technology can achieve a better phone call experience.



Luna’s design is simple and compact. It comes with a full metal and matte-color shell, which matches the most office design and business style. And it is small and lightweight. It weighs at just 235g. The device is also featured with a slot for a Kensington lock so it can be anchored down and left in a conference room if necessary. It has a USB type C port for charging along with an in/out port and a security lock to secure it to your desk.



Although Luna and the previous generation - eMeet M2 are similar in outlook and design, eMeet luna has developed some better changes in technology.

The most advanced technology it used is the one-click switch AI noise reduction mode. Luna’s exclusive far-field pickup and Voice IA noise reduction help to cancel out noises such as air conditioning, background office chatter, chairs being dragged back from a desk, or other noises. Besides, Luna can automatically adjust its call volume to make conversation voices clearer.


Equipped with 3 microphone arrays, Luna enhanced its 360° pickup technology, enough to meet the needs of ordinary meeting rooms and support up to 8 people. Besides, the speaker also supports cascade mode. You can connect it to other eMeet speakers with the daisy chain cable (not included) if you need to spread the sound around.


The Luna is powered by a rechargeable 2,600mAh battery that takes around three to four hours to charge, the maximum output power of 3W is 89dB. And the battery can easily continue to talk for up to 15 hours of use. Alternatively, the Luna can be powered using the supplied USB-C cable. To check the battery power, you can quickly press the power button, and five LED indicators will indicate the remaining battery power.


Luna can be a wireless device over Bluetooth connection, you can also use the included cable and plug the microphone via USB to your PC, other audio sources like AUX, or use Luna’s own Bluetooth USB dongle. You can also connect the Luna to your device. Moreover, Luna is compatible with various mainstream meeting platforms, including Zoom, Skype for Business, Facetime, and so on.

The high-end speakerphone has been considered as one of the best speakerphones in 2020 by CNet. It must a perfect choice for multi-people meetings to improve your audio experience and efficient work.

eMeet Luna has the best value under $100 in the market, you can even get it at only $69.99 at TikTech by getting a $30 off coupon now!



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