The best portable translator under $100: Timekettle Zero Language Translator Fit for iOS System 

The best portable translator under $100: Timekettle Zero Language Translator Fit for iOS System 

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Timekettle has been our partner for many years. They did a good job in translation devices like WTS. Today we had a review on their TimeKettle Zero---the portable language translator.

When you traveled to a foreign country where languages you don’t know, it’s really hard to communicate. I remember traveling in Mexico last year, and I had a difficult time talking to the pharmacist, especially when I didn’t feel well. Touching the translator device when I wanted to speak, and the low accuracy of the translation was a pain. I wish I had a TimeKettle Zero Translator.


Appearance and size

At a diminutive 4cm x 1.5cm x 7mm (1.6 x 0.6 x 0.3 inches), Zero is barely there. Because it is too small, the company also provides a streamlined card so we can slip it into the case and fit it into pockets, wallets, or purses for maximum accessibility, not worrying about losing it. No matter where you go, it is very convenient to carry it around.



It is very easy to use the Timekettle Zero language translator. No need to touch-plug and play. Simply plug Zero into your phone jack and the app will open. It automatically picks up, translators and reads speed out loud in real-time. I have tried it with my iPhone 8 Plus, and it works immediately when I plugged in.


Besides, it supports 40 languages and 30 accents, which the Timekettle says it can cover the languages of 85% of the population in the world. It is good enough for this tiny device, plus up to 95% accuracy. When you speak in other languages, the simplest opening words are “my name is...”, right? So I tried to speak them in Chinese, and let it translate into English. It translated accurately too!


Timekettle Zero language translator is more than a translator using in traveling. It has a 3-in-1 translator recording modes---translation mode, meeting mode, and interview mode. Translator mode can pick up voice from 1 meter. Meeting mode & Interview mode can pick up, translator voice from 4 different directions with noises cancellation technology.


Moreover, the Timekettle Zero language translator has an offline translation function. It can translate from Chinese to six other languages offline, which helps you to get rid of many hassles when your internet isn’t that well.


Customer reviews

Youtuber KhanFlicks reviewed and said it is a revolutionary translator and it is both easy to use and super powerful! With its clean-cut looks and high build quality, makes a great tool for any traveler. Other buyers commented that one of the best portable translators under $100.


Prices and availability

You can purchase the Timekettle Zero language translator on Tiktech for $79.99 with an extra 15% off for new users. No matter you are traveling, having a meeting with your business partners, or talking to foreigners in any situation, the Timekettle Zero language translator will help you out in no time.

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