Bulex AF-3222 HEPA Air Purifier, the Latest Purifier Inspired by Nature

Bulex AF-3222 HEPA Air Purifier, the Latest Purifier Inspired by Nature

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According to the research, our air is not as clean as we think. Especially the indoor air quality can be up to 5 times polluted than outside air. So the solution is finding the most suitable air purifier for our home to support the families’ safety and health. Bulex AF-3222 is the advanced latest air purifier product created by Bulex.

Bulex is backed by Cando International Limited, one of the world’s well-known electronics manufacturers. Bulex, as a lifestyle consumer electronic brand, is always committed to creating a better living environment and higher-quality air for humans. To promote this product, Bulex did R&D for many times and created a 4-stage purification to make the cleanest, freshest air possible in the world.

Let us see what advantages of Bulex are exclusive among air purifiers on the market:

  1. PURE COPPER MOTOR: Bulex HEPA Air Purifier uses pure copper motors to provide customers the most effective purified experience. It has less heat generated, and so less need for fan cooling, with attendant savings in energy and noise.
  2. 4-STAGE FILTER: Different from the other brands, Bulex HEPA Air Purifier has an extra stage of filtration. The stage is created for filtering particles as small as 0.01 mil, as large as pet dander, dust, pollen, and allergens. Additionally, it can also capture smoke particles and activated carbons to get rid of the odor, as well as reduce lingering food smell.
  3. CENTRIFUGAL BLOWER FAN: The centrifugal blower fan of the Bulex HEPA Air Purifier has constant airflow delivery that enables them to generate the energy of up to 84% efficiency. (To improve your air system’s productivity while decreasing home energy costs, centrifugal fans are the optimal fans to choose!)
  4. .320° AIR INLET GRILLING: The purified process for your air thanks to the 355 air inlets. 320° cylindrical design takes in the air more efficiently and quickly from each direction and every angle compared to conventional air purifiers. Therefore, it can 100% adequately purify the air of your room. The purifier process for your air thanks to the 355 air inlets 320 cylindrical design takes in the air more efficiently from everyone direction compared to conventional air purifiers, adequately purify to conventional cylindrical design takes in the air more efficiently as well as

5.LED TOUCH PANEL: Customized Settings, Easy to use! The fan speed can be customized with 4 fan speed settings to meet needs. Among 4 settings, the sleep mode could give a quiet sleeping condition. The highest mode could purify the room air within a moment.

Besides, the timer can be customized as well. There are 3 settings, 2hours, 4 hours, and 8 hours. It could help you to turn off quietly the purifier when you gonna asleep. Moreover, the filter reset reminder is smart enough to remind you to replace the filter when it is needed. The function could ensure each filter could be made the best use of them. Additionally, the night light function is really excellent as well. The unique night light color is lagoon blue, which is designed by 3 color experts. The lagoon blue could deliver a peaceful and safe feeling, not like red, waken kids at night will feel safe and at ease rather than anxiety.

The Bulex AF3222 HEPA air purifier has not only high quality and excellent features but also a simple good design to fit rooms and offices.

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