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Hands-on Review of Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

Hands-on Review of Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

True wireless earbuds have been really a good trend. The new chips are promoting the compact design, and the long battery life is making it into real products. There are more possibilities than ever to cut the cord on your listening life.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus is obviously one of the best wireless earbuds. Now I would like to give a hands-on review and testing for the earbuds with impressive sound and reasonable price.

The Galaxy Buds Plus is available in white, black, and blue. It has a circular, sleek shape that won’t hang out of your ears just like the design of the predecessors. Then the product comes with a long USB Type-C cable, three sets of silicone ear tips and sport fins, and a small user guide. And also, the Buds Plus works with a matching charging case.

After having a wearing experience, I think that Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus exactly can rank in the top 10 the most comfortable truly wireless earbuds. The buds work well, and the product is lightweight, so I never feel uncomfortable in my ears. An ergonomic triangular design integrates the comfortable rubber ear fins, as well as the soft rubber ear tips, which can give you a solid fit and good seal performance. Besides, Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus and its latest products are IPX2-rated, which means they can handle a quick splash when you are walking in the rain.

Moreover, the Galaxy Buds Plus looks unobtrusive and subtle, not like Airpods, but I have to tell you guys the product is chunkier than Airpod actually. Maybe some girls will not like outlook design and size.

In terms of the product features, the Galaxy buds come with a number of cool features. First of all, Samsung’s headphones can offer a solid six-hour battery life per charge, and an hour more than similarly priced Apple earpods. Secondly, Changing songs or adjusting the volume is accomplished via intuitive touch controls. The Samsung Wear app also gives users five different equalization settings to pick, letting you tailor the sound of the headphones for your ears and musical tastes so that users can customize the sound in the app according to their preferences. Moreover, the sound quality of Galaxy Buds Plus is impressive and exclusive among so many brands’ products. Besides, the superb comfort and potentially great battery life could make them the new leader of wireless earbuds.

A very useful feature of the app, I think, is “Find my earbuds” which does just what you’d think, preventing you from digging in your pockets when the Buds are missing.

To sum up, the Galaxy Buds Plus has splash resistance, exclusive new features, advanced speakers and microphones, as well as super-long battery life. I and my families were AirPods users, but now I think I might change my mind.