HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro 5G: This is probably the most comprehensive 5G capable phone at the moment

HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro 5G: This is probably the most comprehensive 5G capable phone at the moment

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5G has become the most-concerned technology in the smartphone industry in the past two years. Major mobile phone manufacturers are rushing to deploy and launching many new models. Looking at the entire industry, Huawei, which was the first to complete the layout in the 5G mobile phone market, firmly holds the initiative. From the recent survey reports released by major well-known market research institutions, Huawei's market share of 5G mobile phones is far ahead, especially Huawei. The Mate30 series 5G version is favored by users, and it can be said to be the most comprehensive 5G mobile phone.

A report released by data research agency Strategy Analytics shows that worldwide shipments of 5G smartphones will reach 19 million units in 2019. Among them, Huawei ranks first with 6.9 million units of global shipments of 5G phones, occupying 5G worldwide The smartphone market share of 37% is equivalent to more than one-third of the entire 5G smartphone market share.

From the perspective of models alone, Huawei Mate30 series 5G version also occupies a crushing advantage in the 5G mobile phone market. According to reports that push big data, Huawei Mate30 Pro 5G is the most popular 5G mobile phone in 2019, accounting for 39.6%, followed by Huawei Mate30 5G, accounting for 25.2%! In other words, Huawei Mate30 series 5G version occupies about 60% of the market share.

The Huawei Mate30 series 5G version can be widely recognized by the market and has received rave reviews. In the final analysis, it still lies in the powerful products. It can even be said that this may be the most comprehensive 5G mobile phone at present!

From the perspective of the most core component of a 5G mobile phone, the chip, the Kirin 990 5G powered by the Huawei Mate30 series 5G version uses the industry's most advanced 7nm + EUV process. It integrates the 5G Modem on the SoC for the first time. Compared with the industry, the board area Other solutions are 36% smaller, which can greatly reduce power consumption and heat generation, and also reduce the problem of internal space occupied by mobile phones.

Kirin 990 5G is equipped with 10.3 billion transistors, which is currently the industry's smallest 5G mobile phone chip solution. Its transistor count, functional integrity, and design complexity are the highest in the industry. Not only that, on Huawei Mate30 Pro 5G flagship phone, 14 of its 21 built-in antennas support 5G connection, and it also has three antenna groups: upper, middle and lower, which fully guarantees that Hold the 5G network stability in vertical and horizontal screens.

In fact, Huawei is the first 5G mobile phone manufacturer in the industry to support the SA / NSA 5G dual-module network. Huawei Mate30 series 5G version still maintains this advantage. It not only supports 5G dual-mode full Netcom but also supports 5G + 4G dual card dual standby. No matter whether it is a 4G network or a 5G network environment, it can seamlessly connect wisdom Dual card switching can ensure the smoothness of network use in different networks and different networking modes.

At present, competition in the 5G smartphone market is very fierce, but from the perspective of big data, Huawei Mate30 series 5G version still maintains a leading edge. Moreover, no matter from a product perspective or a product experience perspective, with the support of the flagship 5G SoC, support for 5G dual-mode full Netcom, and all-scenario 5G antenna design, Huawei Mate30 series 5G versions are all consumers who experience 5G more. Good choice.

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