The Key Specs And Technology AOSO S3 Smart Visual SLAM Cleaner with Super Strong Suction

The Key Specs And Technology AOSO S3 Smart Visual SLAM Cleaner with Super Strong Suction

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TikTech cooperates with vacuum cleaner brand AOSO and recently released an exclusive early bird promotion on their newest generation of smart vacuum cleaners- AOSO S3.

Before the cooperation, we tested it as the first reviewer in the market, to know if it is premium and advanced like what they described.

AOSO is a not well-known brand in the vacuum cleaner field, especially in the U.S. market. There have been some famous and popular brands like Dyson, iRobot, and Roborock.

What advantages does it have to win the favor of American customers in the future? Come to know the affordable alternative of iRobot!


What’s in the box?

The AOSO S3 cleaner package contains the vacuum machine, charging dock, 2 side brushes, sponge filters, remote control, dust bin, and adapter. The cleaning device is compact and thinner. In front of the machine, there are bumper, WiFi indicator, power switch, camera, and docking button. On the bottom, you can see the anti-drop sensor, battery pack, side brushes, universal wheels, dust bin.


Multiple mode selection in operation
According to the user guide, we first placed the charging dock on a hard, level surface, and against a wall. Then we connected the round connector of the adapter into the power socket on the charging dock and the other end into a wall outlet. When the charging dock connects to AC power, the LED indicator on the charging dock is Lit. We took a 5-hour charging for the first time.

You can also choose different charging ways based on your needs. There are three ways. The direct Charging is to connect the charging base to the power source and align the charging contacts under the bottom of the machine with the charging contacts on the charging base to charge the device. Auto charging means that the device will find its way to the charging dock by itself when the battery is below 10% during working. And the remote control way is to press the “charging button” in APP to return it to the charging dock. Direct charging.

When it starts to work, the vacuum’s Visual SLAM technology can navigate and plan the refined pathways via a 166°wide-angle camera. Four cleaning modes allow the most comprehensive cleaning of the office and home.

- Auto mode: wall-to-wall movement pathways to completely cover the cleaning area.

- Spot mode: intensively cleans a specific area in a spiral pattern. The mode is useful if there is a concentrated area of dust or debris.

- Edge mode: move along the wall and around furniture legs to ensure the edge is cleaned thoroughly.

- Scheduled mode: customize the cleaning time on the APP.

When the cleaner working in a mode, it will also adjust routes by itself according to the situations.


Remotely controlled by APP

The AOSO APP is very simple and clear to use. You can operate the device via the APP to set cleaning modes, recharging, manual control, suction selection (silence mode, normal mode, and strong mode), and even find the machine in a big space when pressing the button and it voice prompt “I am here”.

Although the machine can back to charging dock via navigation system, it is recommended to place the charging dock in a fixed position, and do not move the charger during the cleaning, or the robot vacuum will not be able to find the charging dock for charging.


After a series of tests, we found that the AOSO S3 cleaner is not only thinner than other disk-shaped cleaners, but also more advanced in its cleaning system, navigation, and control systems. At the same time, while designing these functions and systems, aesthetic outlook, the overall volume, and weight, electrical connectivity was given appropriate attention, resulting in all working harmoniously to achieve efficient cleaning.

We suggest you do not miss the early bird presale event of the affordable high-end robotic cleaner on TikTech!

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