WT2 In-Ear Wearable Translator Accurate Translation Helper

WT2 In-Ear Wearable Translator Accurate Translation Helper

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When I am traveling to other countries, in which people do not speak English, the language difference and culture shock are the most insurmountable problem, especially the language. The difference always brings the troubles in mapping and shopping etc., while you are on the way. I must say the product is an amazing one for travelers worldwide. Firstly, I love the idea of an in-ear language translator that will translate without the agonizing wait, and it appears that this small pair of earphones from WT2 will deliver exactly what I need.

The WT2 Language translator can translate 36 languages and 84 accents! And the brand claims that the languages in translators cover 85% of the population over the world. I was really impressed with how well this worked for me. Now I give a brief introduction to its outlook design. This compact translator is packed into an egg-like container, and it can comfortably fit our hands. The container is the charger for both earbuds which are magnetic and easily slot into the charging station.

In terms of the features, the translation earphone is charged by USB-C charging cable, and it just takes about 30 minutes to be fully charged, which is very efficient and fast! If you buy one, before using it, you have to download the WT2 Plus app from the Play Store or the App store first.

Charge the earbuds in the pod and connect each earbud to the app via Bluetooth and select the language for bi-directional translation.

The product has been supported by Google, Microsoft, and Tencent AI Lab for its services to deliver almost real-time translation across a range of scenarios. Auto voice detection and pick up means you can have an almost realistic conversation across languages.

In terms of the mode options, there are three options for use: Auto mode which is hands-free between both parties in quiet environments, Touch mode where you touch the earpiece for the duration of your sentence, and Speaker mode which uses the phone speaker to speak the translation. You do need to set both languages using the app. Speaker mode means that the translated language will be read out by the device so more than one person will be able to understand what has been said. This is very useful if there is a group of people who need to hear the translated words.

I have to say the wireless Bluetooth translation earbuds are perfect for most of the travellers over the world, it makes our travel abroad more convenient and easier. Just take it and go to any country you want to visit.

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