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  • IoTeX Ucam Home Security Camera All the Features You Want

    If you would like to explore more about the privacy-focusing camera, now join the Super Early Bird Pass presale event, getting it at a very reasonable price with extra FREE storage!
  • Hands-on Review of Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

    The Galaxy Buds Plus has splash resistance, exclusive new features, advanced speakers and microphones, as well as super-long battery life. I and my families were AirPods users, but now I think I might change my mind.
  • Multitasker in the kitchen: 1829 CSS Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer Combos

    Some customers reviewed on Amazon and said that it replaces multiple kitchen gadgets and saves time! The Other consumer mentioned he loves the crun...
  • The best portable translator under $100: Timekettle Zero Language Translator Fit for iOS System 

    Youtuber KhanFlicks reviewed and said it is a revolutionary translator and it is both easy to use and super powerful! With its clean-cut looks and high build quality, ...it makes a great tool for any traveler. Other buyers commented that one of the best portable translators under $100.

  • 2020 CES Innovation Awards Honoree - IoTeX Ucam Privacy-protecting Camera Newly Arrives on TikTech

    Never miss it to protect your family and indoor privacy.
  • Best Accessory for action cameras: Hohem iSteady Pro3 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for GoPro

    Most buyers are happy with it. YouTube reviewer Reha Alev describes the functionality as fairly basic but praises the iSteady Pro, calling it the best gimbal for the price. Some buyers on Amazon commented that “Absolutely love this thing. Very smooth shots made my workflow easier. Exceeded expectations & also compact enough to fit in my bag. ”

  • Let's get iSteady: Review of the Hohem iSteady Multi All-in-1 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

    Smart gimbals might be pricy on the market. However, the price of the Hohem iSteady gimbal stabilizer is $149 with a special discount released on TikTech soon, which is lower than the listed price in Amazon. The Hohem iSteady Multi Gimbal has a lot of good things going for it including the affordable price, quiet operation, and of course, the ability to shoot smooth video compatible for various devices. I believe everyone who loves shooting videos would be happy to have it.

  • Arboleaf Body Composition Scales Start to Achieve Your Body Composition Goals

    Arboleaf smart digital scales, whether you're looking to achieve a fitness goal or maintain the current body shape, as one of the most helpful premium home gym equipment devices, can help you achieve a healthy and intelligent life by easily tracking your weight and body compositions!
  • The Key Specs And Technology AOSO S3 Smart Visual SLAM Cleaner with Super Strong Suction

    AOSO is a not well-known brand in the vacuum cleaner field, especially in the U.S. market. There have been some famous and popular brands like Dyson, iRobot, and Roborock.

    What advantages does it have to win the favor of American customers in the future? Come to know the affordable alternative of iRobot!

  • NEW RELEASE on TikTech AOSO S3 Robotic Cleaner with Advanced Visual SLAM Technology Empowers Your Smart Life

    However, the device’s price is far lower than those cleaners that have the same features. It even works better than some famous brands’ cleaners. AOSO S3 robotic cleaner with Visual SLAM will be an undoubtedly good helper of your household chore and smart life.


    If you are moved, do not miss the Super Early Bird event for AOSO S3 on TikTech. Now saving a maximum budget for a smart vacuum cleaner! And there will be a big chance to win free giveaways if you follow TikTech’s Facebook.

  • Superb Technology Makes eMeet Luna Speakerphone the Best Choice of Remote Meeting Under $100

    The high-end speakerphone has been considered as one of the best speakerphones in 2020 by CNet. It must a perfect choice for multi-people meetings to improve your audio experience and efficient work.

  • Rock Space Dual Band Wi-Fi Repeater Fill in the Dead Zone of Your House Under $50

    The Rock Space can meet full internet radiation in your home wherever you need, you will not disappointed with the performance of Rock Space Wi-Fi extender with such low prices.