15.6-inch AUZAI Portable Monitor An Excellent External Monitor for Work And Entertainment

15.6-inch AUZAI Portable Monitor An Excellent External Monitor for Work And Entertainment

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This year I’ve started to work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, my colleagues and I are looking for ways to improve our work productivity. We have used very popular eMeet’s conference speakerphones in our remote meetings helping a smooth call conference. And we also enhance our work quality for online research and presentation by adding an external portable monitor. Due to the quarantine, now you have to attend all events, meetings, and courses online, you need to expand your laptop or smartphone screen on a much larger display.

AUZAI sent us their best seller in the market - a 15.6-inch portable monitor recently, we have had tested it and the excellent monitor works well for work and entertainment.

Package Included

Open the parcel, we can see that AUZAI portable monitor comes with these items:

15.6-inch Monitor

Type-C to USB-A Cable *1

Type-C to Type-C *1

Mini HDMI to HDMI Cable *1

Smart Magnetic Case/Cover

User Manual + Cleaning Cloth



I was surprised by the built quality of the portable monitor just like Lepow portable monitor. Honestly, it turned out to be much better looking than my expectation.

Firstly, The portable monitor measures 13.94 x 8.78 x 0.14 inches and weighs 1.37 pounds. It is pretty thin and lightweight, you can carry it around with the smart case.

Secondly, the monitor features a sturdy body with a shiny texture at the back. The body of the monitor seems made out of metal, and the all-black and matte design looks pretty premium. It is fairly well built with round corners and polished edges. Then, the bezels that surround the 15.6-inch screen is also all-black. The small strip at the bottom simply features the logo, has a matte coating. Overall, the AUZAI portable monitor has an excellent built quality.



The AUZAI portable monitor features an IPS panel of 15.6-inches with Full HD 1080p 16:9 aspect ratio and a standard refresh rate.

The AUZAI monitor, the same as Lepow monitor we had tested and released in previous deals, does not support touch input. But it’s not surprising that AUZAI skipped on the screen touching function to keep the price lower compared to other monitors with the same quality and features.

The AUZAI portable monitor features pretty decent levels of contrast and colors. For a secondary screen, the saturation and contrast of the monitor are good. The panel produces high-quality abundant colors.

Unless you need accurate colors on your screen, it won’t disappoint you. And of course, you can tweak the contrast and sharpness setting to a certain extent to calibrate the display according to your liking and needs.



The port feature is the thing customers concerned about most. The left side of the monitor has the power/return button, the menu button - the roll key, and a 3.5mm audio jack. On the right side, there are a mini HDMI port, USB Type-C data transmission port, and USB Type-C power supply. The menu button roll key can go up and down to adjust your setting including the contrast, volume, brightness, sharpness, colors, and other miscellaneous settings on the menu.

Besides, the smart case is a fantastic and premium design! It is made out of artificial PU Leather. We have been using it for several days and we haven’t seen any scratches or other signs of usage. Since the monitor itself doesn’t have a kickstand, the smart case performs the dual function of protecting it and acting as the stand. One side of the smart case feature magnets on its edges to hold the monitor in place. The other side features two grooves that can position the monitor from two different angles. However, the case has a rough texture inside, so I could position the monitor in pretty much any angle I wanted, even outside those two grooves. The matte coating also ensures that there’s not a lot of glare. I never find any backlight bleeding issues on the screen. The viewing angles are pretty good with no visible color shifts.

Honestly, its speakers are not good. You can also connect Bluetooth headphones to your laptop or smartphone.


Connectivity & Compatibility

One of the highlights of the AUZAI monitor is its flexible connection options.  You can connect your laptop/ tablet / Xbox/ PS4 via using a USB-C to USB-C cable or an HDMI to Mini-HDMI cable, depending upon the ports available on your device.

AUZAI monitor is compatible with USB Type-C mobile phones to magnify your phone screen. It only requires a Type-C cable to connect which is included in the package. Please note that phones without full-featured Type-C port do require an adapter to connect. It offers wide compatibility with PS3, PS4, Xbox, etc. 1080P Full HD resolution will deliver and elevate your exceptional gaming experience!

Moreover, multiple connection options can ensure that the monitor is suitable for all use case scenarios. It can be an external monitor for working/studying from home, a clear dedicated monitor for the game console, a larger screen for smartphones, or a portable auxiliary display when traveling.


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