Here is a Movement-controlled Battle Robot for Mech Enthusiasts

Here is a Movement-controlled Battle Robot for Mech Enthusiasts

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GANKER EX Remote Control Robot is a Battle Robot with man-machine synchronization, precise Omni-directional motion, electronic scoring system, which has an App to connect, and it is compatible with iOS and Android. We would like to introduce our mech fans this amazing battle robot today.

As much as we love making robots fight most battle bot toys are commanded like R/C cars, with remote controls that don't feel especially science fiction-y. That's why we're so thrilled by Ganker Ex, a mech-style robot that you control with a rig that you wear at your waist. Rather than pushing joysticks, you grasp articulated arms that look like your robot's appendages. However you punch, thrust, twist, turn or pivot, the robot mimics, like you're wearing a miniature version of a mech suit. It's the kind of cool that doesn't quickly wear off.

If you are a mech fan, the Ganker Ex is worth you paying a steep price for this kind of excitement.

We're not new to combat robot toys, but this is the first one we've ever seen with this control scheme. It's packed with servo motors -- four in the wheels and another nine in the arms and torso for fast, fluid, and accurate reproduction of the motions you make with the controller. When paired with another robot, you can do battle with swords, shields, and infrared armament, all tracked with an electronic scoring system.

the Ganker Ex responds in real-time to damage with lighting and vibration effects, that is one of the most amazing things. I have to remind you for your better battle experience is that there is Ganker EX APP with the mech product. The app is compatible with IOS and Android and connects to the controller by Bluetooth. As the player, you can know your own robot more directly and in real-time about its health and battery usage, etc. The companion mobile app also shows detailed stats during gameplay, including accumulated damage and scores.

What’s more, there are three battle modes to select - duel mode, one punch mode, and training mode. Those functions are really user-friendly, helping you to play in each mode and get much fun. Besides, Ganker provides some official accessories which are very easy to assemble, so you can DIY your own exclusive armors and make unique 'weapon'.

Getting a pair of Ganker Ex bots is a serious investment, even during some holiday sales, so your best bet is to get one for you and your kids, and convince a neighbor to get one of their own.

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