IoTeX Ucam Home Security Camera All the Features You Want

IoTeX Ucam Home Security Camera All the Features You Want

Nina Zhong

Consumers today have a tough choice. Either live a feature-rich lifestyle OR a private lifestyle, there really is no in-between. These days it’s not uncommon for privacy seekers to use ”no Internet” phones, giving up the luxuries of an iPhone for the peace of mind of a flip phone. But the real question is why can’t our devices offer both convenience AND privacy? Well now you can — enter Ucam by IoTeX.

IoTeX’s vision for Ucam has been providing all the features users want without sacrificing the security & privacy users need. While full data privacy is the key differentiator, Ucam also surpasses other cameras on the market by offering the latest and greatest features: one-click setup, 1080p video, 360° coverage, motion detection, two-way audio, night vision, and much more.

We detailed Ucam’s amazing features and the official Ucam mobile app below.


One-Click Setup of IoTeX Identity

Ucam uses a unique blockchain-based login, which puts data ownership back into users' hands and separates a user’s Ucam identity from their Internet identity. This eliminates the source of most home security camera privacy violations today but also introduces non-trivial UI/UX challenges. After all, key management remains one of the biggest hurdles to blockchain mass adoption.

With this in mind, IoTeX developed a seamless one-click setup process so people with no blockchain experience can easily get set up. With just one click, and IoTeX identity (i.e. a public/private key pair) is generated and automatically stored locally. For those of you that already have an IoTeX identity.


One Mobile App, Multiple Configurable Ucams

Convenience is being able to manage all your feeds at once in the same place, which is exactly what the Ucam app provides. For homeowners, Ucams can be installed in every room with all feeds instantly viewable on the home dashboard. Each individual Ucam supports custom configuration:

  • Motion Detection:if motion is detected while you are away from home, Ucam can send you an alert and auto-save a video clip for later viewing


  • Privacy Mode:when turned on, data from Ucam is viewable only on the owner’s mobile device (even if access was previously authorized to others)

Authorizing access to one (or all) of your Ucams from the home dashboard is also a breeze — all you have to do is generate a single-use QR code to authorize access within the Ucam app and send it to the user you wish to authorize. As the Ucam owner, you may revoke anyone’s access to any Ucam at any time simply by toggling “Privacy Mode” on/off, which resets the encryption key that is stored locally on your device.


Monitor Your Home With Ucam

One of the most compelling use cases of Ucam is monitoring your home in real-time while you are away! Click into any Ucam from the home dashboard to enter full widescreen mode, where you will see a number of great features:

  • 1080p HD Video: encrypted livestream from Ucam to mobile device
  • 360° coverage:pan, tilt, and zoom controls to remotely control Ucam
  • Take Photo & Video:record scenes from your livestream feed (note: users can also record rolling footage of Ucam feeds)
  • Two-way Audio:talk directly with whoever is at home — baby, pet, nanny, etc.
  • Night Vision: of up to 36 feet of visibility, auto-activated in low-light situations.

If you would like to explore more about the privacy-focusing camera, now join the Super Early Bird Pass presale event, getting it at a very reasonable price with extra FREE storage!


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