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STARESSO Mini Portable Espresso Maker: The Smallest Portable Espresso Maker In The World 

Whether you are looking for a portable espresso maker to take camping or use in the Airbnb on travel, a good mini espresso maker can definitely play an important part. After all, in the winter coffee can wake you up, warm up your hands, and even light up your day. As a coffee addicted, after trying so many coffee products, I’d like to recommend STARESSO Mini Portable Espresso Maker to all manual coffee lovers, which was the best-seller on Amazon for Mini Portable Espresso Maker. Right now, you can buy a STARESSO Mini Portable Espresso Maker for just $64.99 at TikTech. 

What is it? 
The STARESSO Mini Portable Espresso Maker is a portable espresso coffee maker, which enables you to make your own coffee with just several pushes. 

What’s in the box? 
A hard carrier case, a coffee maker, a small piece of a mod for cleaning, and an instructor.

How does it perform?
It is incredibly compact and small in size 5.9x2.7 inches, which can be held in an adult’s hand. It only weighs 0.77 pounds, so you can put it in the bag and carry it around without a burden. It can hold up to 80 ml water and a maximum of 0.35 ounces of ground coffee. Didn’t want to carry the ground coffee on the go? It can also be compatible with coffee capsules(Size as Nespresso capsules). Simply take as many capsules as you need, easy and clean! 

It is quite easy to use too. Simply pull the water up to 80 ml into the water tank and put some ground coffee into the stainless container, set it up as the picture showed, and then do a little bit of workout---push the button and build up your strength. When you feel a bit harder to push, it tells you that it is working. It gives 15-20 bar pressure for your coffee. When you feel no pressure, it tells you that your espresso is ready and good to go! 

Unlike the plain artificial coffee flavor of instant coffee, it can give a rich espresso taste with a thick layer of crema. You’ll be enjoying a barista-style quality coffee in no time with this machine arrives. Following the instruction, you can savor all kinds of flavors of delicious coffee in a cafe style. Skip out on those daily trips to the coffee shop and make your own delicious coffee at home, which is safer! Or imagined that when you are in the getaway, it is so healing to wake up with the smell of nature and the aroma of coffee. Start your day with a real coffee now! 

Who needs it? 
Coffee lovers in camping or in the Airbnb on the travel, those who don’t want to have a huge and heavy coffee machine at home or office, those who don’t have lots of budgets for a coffee machine, those who are always on the go, manual coffee beginners... 

Why you should have it?
·This portable espresso maker get you caffeinated on the go
·Give the rich espresso taste with a thick layer of crema
·Compact design and lightweight
·Hold up to 80 ml water and a maximum of 0.35 ounces ground coffee
·Detachable and easy to clean up 
·Made of BPA-free material and food-grade SUS304 stainless steel

Buy a STARESSO Mini Portable Espresso Maker for just $64.99 on TikTech.