Let's get iSteady: Review of the Hohem iSteady Multi All-in-1 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

Let's get iSteady: Review of the Hohem iSteady Multi All-in-1 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

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Have you been sick of shaky videos on your phone or compact cameras? I did! But luckily I got the Hohem iSteady Multi All-in-One Gimbal Stabilizer these days and can’t wait to try it. After researching and testing it, I found it is simple to use and equipped with functional apps. It is awesome in eliminating shaky videos and creating cinematic footage as well.


Device Compatibility

Hohem iSteady Multi Gimbal is a Three-in-One gimbal for smartphones, compact cameras, and action cameras. This stabilizer weights 1.2 lbs with the biggest payload of 400g (0.9lbs) can work with compact cameras, the height of which don’t exceed 65mm (2.5inches) and action cameras. It works with SONY RX100 M7, Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark 3, Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX10, Sony RX10m, Gopro Hero8 (mount frame required), etc.

The Hohem iSteady Multi gimbal supports most compatible iPhones/Android phones such as Huawei, Samsung(The maximum phone width is 90mm), and iPhone 11 Pro Max. For what it's worth, I tested it with my 5.8-inch iPhone X, and the clip has room to spare. Also, it comes with a carry case, which makes carrying it outside easily. I can use it to capture at any moment during my trip.



It has fancy shooting modes to awake your creativity. Hohem iSteady Multi gimbal offers 6 working modes including Dolly Zoom, Face Tracking and sport mode, etc. With these modes, Hohem Multi Gimbal Stabilizer transforms plain and shaky videos into smooth, and cinematic ones. For me, I used it to record my friend when he was playing in the basketball games. I was able to enjoy the game when Hohem helped me to track, follow, and record.

Hohem iSteady Multi Gimbal Stabilizer with 600°Panning/320°Rolling and Tilting and 6 working modes can meet the demands of the multi-scene application. With simple clicks via Hohem, everyone can shoot like a professional.

The running hours of the Hohem iSteady Multi gimbal is as long as 12 hours, and Motion Time-Lapse has 8 hours Runtime. With Long-lasting battery life, you can record in a day trip without charging, which is super convenient.

If you are a Sony-fans, this gimbal is the perfect product for you. Hohem iSteady Multi gimbal stabilizer is equipped with an exclusive cable for Sony compact cameras, you can control zoom, focus, record, shutter via the gimbal without touching your phone.


Final thoughts

Smart gimbals might be pricy on the market. However, the price of the Hohem iSteady gimbal stabilizer is $149 with a special discount released on TikTech soon, which is lower than the listed price in Amazon. The Hohem iSteady Multi Gimbal has a lot of good things going for it including the affordable price, quiet operation, and of course, the ability to shoot smooth video compatible for various devices. I believe everyone who loves shooting videos would be happy to have it.

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