One of the Best Budget Portable Monitors - Lepow Portable Monitor

One of the Best Budget Portable Monitors - Lepow Portable Monitor

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When my friends and I use mobile phones to work or to watch TV shows, we always want a bigger screen to help us have a better visual experience. Recently I found an amazing one, I have recommended to friends around me. After some tests for different monitors, I can not wait to write a review for this one - Lepow 15.6-inch portable monitor and share with you guys about my user experience.

Lepow is an up and coming brand making a wide range of PC and mobile accessories, which is specializing in R&D of smart monitors. And I heard that Lepow is treated as one of the top dogs in the monitor field in China. Its products are super hot online, especially on this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It is able to perfectly meet your needs for a bigger and clearer screen while watching a movie, playing games on smart-phones, for a presentation when you want to show work to an audience, or any other situation.

When reviewing the monitor, it immediately connected my phone and laptop. And I felt that its screen resolution and sharpness are higher than some mobile phone screens. It is really lightweight and can stand up by adjusting the protector, and the screen is soft for eyes, I did not feel uncomfortable even though I watched three movies lying on the sofa in that afternoon.

FHD 1080P IPS Screen: 1920*1080 portable monitor delivers a truly immersive viewing experience, allowing you to enjoy the High-Definition entertainment and gaming.

The 15.6 inch Full HD IPS screen has an eye protection function that keeps your eyes from getting tired during prolonged use.

Versatile Digital Connectivity: Mini HDMI & USB-C ports design makes this portable monitor more convenient and easier to connect different mobile devices, such as laptop, smartphone, PC, PS3, PS4, XBOX ONE, or Nintendo Switch, etc. It's ideal for extending your screen or playing games or working, entertaining on the trip, or home entertainment.

Stand Cover & Screen Protector: Lepow has added a smart cover and a screen protector to fully protect your monitor. The cover case is made of PU leather to provide excellent protection for the entire monitor and can be folded into different positions to create a stand. The protective film prevents the screen from being scratched.

Slim, Lightweight & Portable: With a slim 0.3-inch profile and just 1.76 pounds, Lepow 15.6 inch portable monitor is ideal for your life and work to make a simple setup on-the-go dual-monitor and mobile presentations.

Dual Speakers & HDR Mode: 2 built-in speakers efficiently help display multi-media files especially when listening to music/watch movies/play games. HDR mode supports excellent mainstream transmission so that you can enjoy great video transmission in-game and other entertainment.

I think one of the good things is that the cover has grooves, allowing you to customize the viewing angle, and the magnets at the edges hold the protective cover to the display for ease of use.

Another good thing about the display is that it doesn’t require its own power source because it pulls the power from the connected device. What does that mean? You won’t have to take a bulky power supply with you or need to be near a wall outlet to use it because it powers on as soon as it’s connected to your laptop or any other mobile devices.

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