Amarey A900 Robot Vacuum Quiet Intelligent Cleaning on A Flexible Schedule

Amarey A900 Robot Vacuum Quiet Intelligent Cleaning on A Flexible Schedule

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TikTech got an Amarey A800 robot vacuum cleaner last year and put it in the office,  it works well and fits the office space, so this year we are interested to see what differences the upgraded product Amarey A900 might have.

Let's see and test the  Amarey A900.

At first impression, they look very similar. Both robot vacuum cleaners are 12.7 x 2.7 inches, and both weigh 5.7lbs. In terms of the inside of the cleaner, the dustbin, which irritated me when we used the A800 device is the same and in use, they sound the same.

What's the new thing about A900?

The A900 cleaner is controlled by an app.

The app is fairly simple to connect to the robot vacuum. You just need to simply connect the robot to your 2.4GHz Wi-Fi by pressing the power button for about five seconds until the robot beeps. On the click confirm in Amarey APP, and enter the Wi-Fi password, install the software and configure your options in the app. Then, you can configure the modes of suction power, Auto, Spot, Edge, or Auto docking modes. Auto docking mode helps the robot back to the charging station. What's more, you can also set the timer to schedule your cleaning mode in the APP – and here is where I slipped up. You can schedule the A900 to work in Auto mode and Auto Docking mode.

Amarey claims that the robot vacuum is integrated with visual SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping) technology. The A900 does not randomly cruise around the floor cleaning. It follows a structured path and knows where it has already been. The APP can show the route that the robot vacuum has taken around the floor. It is quiet in operation too, unlike other really noisy vacuums.

Auto mode is the only mode to select if you actually want the robot to go and clean your floor automatically. If you select Auto Docking, the robot vacuum will not leave the dock. You can set different schedules for each different day, and at different times of the day -- useful if you want to clean at a different time at the weekend.

A very useful feature is that the A900 has a magnetic strip to stop the vacuum going into places where you do not want it to clean. It is also integrated with Alexa, so you can use your voice to start and stop the cleaning program. If you want to manually control it, you could use Alexa – or the remote control supplied with the device.

The robot also often nudged the charging dock out of the way, and could not then return to charge itself properly. I had to use double-sided tape to stick the charging dock to the carpet to make sure it did not move.

In terms of the brush fibers. Hard carpets usually easily bend the fibers out of shape. But the A900 has not been distorted after two weeks of use on our carpet. They probably would retain their shape on hard flooring and last a long time I think, unless you have a lot of tough carpets to clean.

Apart from small bugbears, the Amarey A900 is absolutely a welcome robot vacuum that works well in your office.

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