The Most Efficient and User-Friendly Air Purifier - Bulex AF-3222 True HEPA Air Purifier

The Most Efficient and User-Friendly Air Purifier - Bulex AF-3222 True HEPA Air Purifier

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People pay increasing attention to the quality of life environment, especially water and air, which are two of the most important things related to people’s health. The air pollution problem is not just outdoors, the inside air in the house is also not that clean and safe. Without a constant flow of fresh air indoor, dust, pet dander, mold spores, and other irritating particulates could trigger allergies, asthma attacks, and other potential health problems. Hence, an indoor air purifier is necessary for your kids and families. Some people around me asked what air purifier is efficient and price-reasonable. Today, I would like to introduce a one - Bulex AF-3222 air purifier with a True HEPA filter.

To begin with, what’s in the box? An air purifier, a pre-installed true HEPA filter, and a user manual. In terms of the basics, I can feel that the quality of the outer shell is good and durable. The product is a compact black cylinder that is 8 inches in diameter and a height of 13.58 inches. The Bulex logo is gray on the body of the machine, and the control panel is on the top with white outflow vents. The weight of the purifier is just 5.57 pounds, so it is easy to move to different rooms. Although it is small, it can cover the 202 ft2 area.

Moreover, Bulex air purifier has a unique 4-stage filtration system that is developed to filter out unclean things in the air. The filter surface of the purifier is large. The lower half of the body is covered many small air inlets that are designed in a pretty and staggered pattern. Combining with its strong filtering function, the newest air purifier can filter out everything from large particulates to carcinogenic fumes.

I think the effect of filtration and refreshing air is better than some other brands I used. The one extra stage of the filter witch 3 times larger HEPA filter surface and the aerodynamic principles design to deliver higher performance. Besides, it is very friendly for people’s daily life. The power button has a blue light rather than a bright red light, which will not disturb your quiet and peaceful night. That is really a warm and user-friendly design! And also, the fan speed mode has 4 options. Sleep mode has a very low noise level (≤32dB), and the highest mode is ≤50dB,  which will not make too much noise but bring the best and quickest filtering performance! It is rated 4.8 stars by customers on Amazon, I must say I would like to give it five stars.

Now you may want to know if the air purifier is expensive. The price of the Bulex air purifier is reasonable and affordable. It is $129.99. Although there are not any deal activities now, it is acceptable to compare it to other brands. If you cannot wait to make your indoor air cleaner, you can shop now. It will not make you disappointed.

Obviously, I really like the impressive Bulex AF3222 air purifier and want to recommend to you, the filter is high-efficient and powerful, the design of the whole product is user-friendly. It will be a good helper in your home to protect your families.

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